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About Us


     Founded in 1951, Pel-State began as a chain of convenience stores throughout Louisiana.  If you lived in that area in that era, these stores were famous for selling the once giant FINA brand of fuels.  These stores were on corners throughout communities in Louisiana and kept those neighborhoods running their automobiles, as well as using innovative loyalty giveaways to bring traffic to the stores.

     As Pel-State has journeyed through the decades as markets and cultures across the country have changed.  The survival of the company throughout it's almost 70 year history is a story of a company that has adapted and created innovation for its customers.

     In 2008, Pel-State pivoted to become Pel-State Services.  This shift included a move to wholesale fuel distribution.  From there, Pel-State Services has diversified into various oilfield services, inventory management providers and distributes chemicals in addition to numerous other offerings.

     Today's market requires companies to continue to evolve, and Pel-State Services is committed to solving customer problems and providing services that matter.  Please allow us the privilege to serve your business and see the Pel-State Services difference.

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